Hi there!

Well yes…  GREEN ON GREEN is back!

You will see from the tag that what I want to concentrate on here is promoting and living a truly green on green lifestyle …one that truly means sustainable living in a sensitive environment!

So what should you expect?

I am an Environmental Professional by trade and this will inevitably affect what I bring to you on this site …it should be doable, effective and genuinely helpful to you and your environment …with  a good dose of innovation and practical fun thrown in for good measure!

Perhaps a bit more fluffy than stuffy!

My principle interests are in energy, transport and habitation …most of the things in our lives which have the greatest impact on our vulnerable Planet.

But …I don’t want this to be boring or out of the reach of most people …my vision is for ‘green on green living’ to be our most natural response whoever we are …not something which is just too difficult and too costly.

I will be looking at renewable energy …solar, wind, geothermal and more exotic forms like anaerobic digestion …and some novel ambient opportunities!

With transport …expect to see articles on electric cars, electric bikes …and of course bicycles of various types …I am a keen cyclist and collector of Moulton and Sunbeam cycles!

Our habitation …our homes …where we live and how we live is a huge area of interest to me and expect to see articles not only what we live in …our homes structure and fabric …but also our broader green lifestyle choices!

I believe that the true GREEN ON GREEN choice …should also be the most economic choice …so watch out for some serious domestic and lifestyle savings!

I am really looking forward to developing this site …and encouraging us all to take up … sustainable living in a sensitive environment!

Your fellow GREEN on GREEN sojourner!



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